Last year around this time I did a list of 22 songs that were released in 2022 that I enjoyed. I got to thinking today of some great songs I’ve heard that had been released in 2023 and thought I’d put together 23 that I’ve enjoyed. A lot of familiar bands I’ve listened to over the years put out music. I’ve also been introduced to some new names. I added a playlist on Spotify with these 23 songs for you to check out if you’d like. It will be attached at the bottom.

National Parks :


Summer of Memories 

Let’s Go Outside

Dawson Hollow :


Weak Sheep:

I Know You Know


The River Indigo:

We Can Fight It

Fox Royale:

So Different

Colony House:

Don’t Give Up on Me

One of Those Days


Judah and the Lion:

Only Want the Best

Fenne Lily:

Lights Light Up

Bryant Roses:

Said and Done

The Stars and the Dreamers

JJ Shiplett:

Already There


Strawberry Blues


Jill Andrews:

Better Life

Handsome and Gretyl:

Give You All the Love

Arbour Season:


Judah w Ellie Holcomb:

Kinda Wild

The Arcadian Wild: 


These are my 23 songs of 2023 so far. Leave a comment with some of your favorites from this year and I’ll check em out.