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About Me

A little history…

Back in 2016, one of bands that I had supported through a crowd funding campaign put out a call for parties interested in hosting a house concert. I had heard of such an idea, but I wasn’t sure that I would have the space or ability to do it. Being the lover or live music that I am, I took a shot and reached out to them and said if they’d be willing to come to Oklahoma, I’d love to host them. Their other travels were along a route that made sense for a stopover in Oklahoma. Since that evening in August of 2016 that they came, I’ve been responsible for helping host many other shows happen including coffee shops, churches, and friends’ houses. 

It is amazing to me where I am now in relation to 5+ years ago when I was a nervous wreck about potentially failing at hosting that first show. I still have nerves before every show, but I’m to the point of wanting to not only host shows myself more consistently but help others host their own shows. 

Phil’s House Shows is meant to be a community in which people in any and every location who want to host shows are connected to artists who want to play shows in those settings and locations. It’s not limited to just house shows. It is my intention to work with coffee shops, churches, and other smaller venues who can provide a similar intimate setting for music lovers of every genre and style. 

Phil’s House Shows will also be here to provide tips, knowledge, and expertise of how to host a successful show based on experience gained from years of hosting. 

Thank you for following along in this journey. I’m excited to share this experience and to build this community with you. 


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