Who is in the band?
Ben Link, Kyle Link, Aaron Link, John Link and Rachel (Link) Starnes

How did you guys meet?
At the hospital for each birth 🤣

Tell us a little about your history.
We grew up playing music together with our folks. Traveled all over. When we started writing our own music, things shifted and Dawson Hollow was birthed.

How would you describe your sound?
Indie Folk Rock is the best genre blend description we have found thus far.

Who are some of your influences?
The Avett Brothers, Judah and the Lion, Day Glow, Jon Forman, Need to Breath, Mumford and Sons, Nickel Creek and so many more.

Do you have an favorite/memorable road moments?
Oh so many! All the near wrecks come to mind. Sleeping in some pretty sketchy places. And so many show stories.

What do you like about playing house concerts?
The intimacy and closeness. Really being able to share and talk with people:-)

Why should people come to the show on October 30th? To have an amazing evening! Great music, great host 🙌🏼