I started looking at all the songs in my most recent playlist that have been released this year and I thought that I would share with you my top 22 of 2022 so far. I tried to write a little blurb about each one, but there were a few that I’ll just let the music speak for itself. 

  1. Utah Arbour Season

From the first time I heard them introduce and play it, it’s been surreal to know that this song exists. The fact that they worked out to record it with one of my favorite bands also on this list makes it that much more awesome. 

2. Dance with Everybody Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors and The National Parks

If ever there were a song that could get me dancing, it’s this one for sure. Awesome that two of my favorite bands came together on this one. 

3. Revival Judah and the Lion 

The constant struggle between fighting and letting go is displayed so beautifully here. This title track from the latest release from my favorite band is a great reminder that revival often takes place after dying to and letting go of things we were never in control of in the first place. 

4. Lost Somebody Else Gabrielle Grace

This song is deceptive. Gabrielle’s voice set against the vibe of the song disguises the hit to the feels it brings each time I listen. 

5. Angels The National Parks

Definitely tell your kids about this one. Loved getting to experience at Superbloom this year right after it came out. 

6. Object of My Affection The Sea The Sea

This song was released on their second of 3 so far Patreon exclusive EPs for the year. You’ll see a couple more on the list from the other two. This one’s melody is so beautiful and you can feel the love in it. 

7. Gold The Lone Bellow 

I contend that there is not a better group of singer songwriters around right now, and I submit this song as exhibit A. It’s such an amazing blend musically, vocally, and lyrically and I can’t help but sing along each time. 

8. Please Don’t Share Your Secrets with Me Fox Royale 

The first time I saw these guys live, this is the song that stood out to me. I’m excited that they released it this year! Don’t gossip!

9. Be Here Now Judah and the Lion

This song connected with me as soon as I heard it on the album, but it made this list so highly because of the live experience. A great reminder to live in the moment you’re in. 

10. Come to Me Arbour Season

I connect with this song so much. It’s a great reminder that our stress and anxiety are not our identity and we can lay them down for a lighter burden. 

11. Cannonballers Colony House

These boys have done it again. I’ve enjoyed seeing them expand and experiment with their sound on their last several releases. Excited to hear what they come up with next. 

12. Feels Like a Blessing Benjamin William Hastings and Judah.

Blessings can still be evident in our lowest season if we change our perspective. This song is a great reminder. 

13. California BOXEN

This song is so smooth and it is the best encouragement for me to want to visit the things it talks about in the state of California 

14. Heart Beating Wild The Sea The Sea

Another Patreon exclusive and worth every penny 

15. Blue Arbour Season

Another beautiful addition to the Arbour Season catalog. The imagery in this song may be my favorite of any of them. I put this one on when I need to wind down and relax. 

16. Bedrock Wild Rivers

I could have listed several different songs from Sidelines on this list, but ultimately settled on this one and the next on the list. They showcase what I love about this band. Sad yet hopeful throughout and I love the vocals and how they blend so well. 

17. Long Time Wild Rivers

See above 

18. Golden Veaux

These guys put some of the most real and raw music out there and I love them for it. So happy for this and other new tunes they’ve been putting out and what is to come!

19. Sporos The Riverside

This whole album is unbelievable. I love the illustrations of growth presented in this one. 

20. Waiting for a Storm The Sea The Sea

You should really join their Patreon so that you have access to these exclusive songs. They are all fantastic. 

21. Sunday Ben Rector Ft Snoop Dog

It shouldn’t work as well as it does and yet here we are. This is a jam that defies all boundaries. 

22. Summer In My Head Goldpark 

I’m just discovering the awesomeness of these guys, and this latest release has been on repeat for the last few days. 

Outside of the exclusives from The Sea The Sea, I’ve created a playlists of the other songs that you can find here.