Who is in the band?
Shane & Emily
Sometimes: Gianni & Mary

How did you guys meet?
At an open mic in Florida

Tell us a little about your history.
We met at an open mic, started playing cover songs at bars a few months later… then got picked up by a college market agency and played over 150 colleges in two years. During that time we started playing at Disney Twice a week while we were in town. All the while, we were friends and not dating. Soon we started dating and got married.. moved into an RV to start traveling full time playing original music and now we have two kids and travel in a converted school bus.

How would you describe your sound?
Indie/folk… something you would listen to driving through Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, Oklahoma and Missouri.

Who are some of your influences?
Gregory Alan Isakov

Do you have any favorite/memorable road moments?
Flying to Juneau Alaska for the first time,

What do you like about playing house concerts?
The intimacy, attention and more comfortable and literally “homey”

Why should people come to your show at Phil’s House?
We have not been “boo’ed” yet.

Come hang out with Arbour Season Tuesday April 5 2022 at 7pm