We asked Fox Royale a few questions to get to know them ahead of their appearance with Phil’s House Shows on September 15. We hope you enjoy reading it, and that you’re able to join us at their show. A link with ticket details will be included below.

Who is in the band?

Nathan Hurley, Caleb Hurley, Evan Todd and Davis Drake

How did you guys meet?

I (Nate) met Evan and Davis in high school in a traveling orchestra/choir. We became friends other the our last two summers of high school.

Tell us a little about your history.

Started playing together in college and in 2017 we started playing actual shows! We heard that real bands played 150-200 days a year so we decided we’d aim for that. Our record right now is 120 but we aim high so we’re pretty proud of that record!

How would you describe your sound? 

We’re makers of very happy-sounding, sad music. We like to have fun so we try to write songs that are fun to sing and play. Most of our stuff highlights the worst moments we’ve experienced so far. I think we’ve been compared to Vampire Weekend and Cage The Elephant the most. Recently though someone said we sounded like the Beatles if they had met in 2020 and discovered adderall. 

Who are some of your influences?

Biggest influences are Simon and Garfunkel, Everly Brothers, Avett Brothers and Oasis. We also love the Killers and Coldplay.

Do you have an favorite/memorable road moments?

We’ve broken down a lot. My favorite times where we were in an accident or broken down/stranded situation have to be in Denver, CO (back in July of this year). We left our bus on the road with a note that said “please don’t tow our bus, we are coming back on July 22nd to get it.” Every time we came back to work on it we couldn’t get it to run so we kept updating the return date on the note so that no one would tow it. Eventually we got it running (6 days later) and now we’re in the process of rebuilding it.

What do you like about playing house concerts?

House shows allow for way more interaction before and after the show. Crowds are more attentive at house shows and it feels more like a hangout than a contracted performance in a venue. It’s like a special moment where a living space becomes a venue but just for that one night. I love it.

Why should people come to your show at Phil’s House?

People should come because we are going to throw them the most fun party they’ve been to in a long time. Shows are back. We are ready to rock and roll and we think you’ll be very glad you came. And you’ll be sad if you miss it. See you there?

If you would like to join the party on September 15, follow the ticket link below: